MR LANDMAN obviously has a heart for farm ground...thus the name, MR LANDMAN.  Often times we are retained to sell farm ground that has been in a family’s possession for upwards of 100 years!  Like many of you, my family settled these rich, black, Drummer-Flanagan soils back in the 1860’s.  Five generations have poured out their blood, sweat, and tears into the farm where our home office resides today.  We understand the business aspect of farming; however we also understand the emotional aspect of farming.

Unfortunately many of the families who inherit farm ground are now many generations removed from the family farm.  Often times they find themselves nearing retirement age, living out of the area, and trying to manage an asset that they have little knowledge about.  We hate to see these generational assets sold, but we certainly understand why they would make a difficult decision to sell the old family ground and turn it into a liquid asset.

And although it is sad when we see families selling off the family farm, there is excitement in the knowledge that thriving family farms that are still involved in production agriculture are able to procure land to expand their operation, hopefully improve profitability, and leave the next generation a farm that was stronger than the previous generation.

MR LANDMAN utilizes the latest commercial software available to analyze previous farm sales, analyze your farm layout and soil types, and provide a knowledgeable estimate of what we feel your farm ground is worth.  We will market your farm in our local MLS, farm focused websites, as well as direct mail to landowners near your parcel.

Put your trust in an agricultural professional and let us take care of selling the farm.

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MR LANDMAN is a licensed real estate limited liability firm in the State of Illinois (LIC #481.013256), and a licensed real estate broker company in the State of Indiana (LIC# RC52000015). Jon Fisher is the designated managing broker in the State of Illinois (LIC# 471.020503), and is the managing broker in the State of Indiana (LIC# RB18000549).