Of all of the facets of real estate that MR LANDMAN is involved in, there is no doubt that the residential aspect of our brokerage company is the one that offers the most emotions with our clients.  We completely understand the emotions that many of you are facing when buying or selling a home.
Some of you reading this might be getting married soon and buying your first house, expecting a little one, or perhaps getting ready to sell your house to retire to a tropical climate.  All of us can certainly understand the positive emotions many would have if they were in that same situation!

Unfortunately selling residential property is not always fun for many of our clients. Some of you reading this might be going thru a painful divorce, full of apprehension about your future.  Others of you reading this might have unfortunately just lost a loved one and are now faced with taking care of the estate.  Regardless of your situation we just want you to know that the agents at MR LANDMAN are empathetic to your situation.  We will do everything in our power to make your transaction go as smoothly as possible to try and limit additional stress at a time when you don’t need any extra.

Our agents will laugh with you.  Our agents will cry with you.  But most importantly, our agents will be with you every step in the process!  Leave the negotiating to us, the inspections to us, the closing details to us.  We love what we do here at MR LANDMAN and you’ll find that our love & service for our clients will always come first!

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MR LANDMAN is a licensed real estate limited liability firm in the State of Illinois (LIC #481.013256), and a licensed real estate broker company in the State of Indiana (LIC# RC52000015). Jon Fisher is the designated managing broker in the State of Illinois (LIC# 471.020503), and is the managing broker in the State of Indiana (LIC# RB18000549).