At MR LANDMAN we are putting together a team of hard-working, charismatic, & trustworthy agents to handle your real estate needs. Buying & selling real estate is usually one of the biggest financial decisions and transactions that most of you will experience during your lifetime. It is so vital that the person representing your financial interest is well versed with industry knowledge, experience, and represents you in an ethical fashion.

At MR LANDMAN we enjoy our jobs. We are passionate about real estate, passionate about people, and passionate about results. We like to think that although real estate is a high stakes game with lots of money at stake, it doesn’t need to be a stressful experience for you. Our agents smile…we laugh with our clients…we sometimes cry with our clients.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our team of agents here at MR LANDMAN. Please check back often as we will be growing our list of agents over the coming months!


Designated Managing Broker
IL LIC # 471.020503
IN LIC # RB18000549
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Licensed Realtor
IL LIC# 471.020971
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IL LIC# 475.178863
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I am a licensed Realtor who is dedicated to providing my clients with a positive experience. I pride myself on my responsiveness in all aspects of the home buying/selling process, you are a priority to me and are treated as such. As a lifelong “townie” of Champaign-Urbana, I love sharing my love of the area with all of those I work with, and I am committed to providing my clients with the best service possible. I'm available for any questions and can help you find the perfect home for your needs.



Licensed Realtor
IL LIC#475.202858

Dr. Marijo Eisbrenner received her B.S. in Biology and Education from Western Illinois Univeristy in Macomb. She received her M.S. in Entomology and Ph.D. in Microbiology from Kansas State in 1984. She did post-doctoral research at the University of Idaho and then joined the faculty in the Department of Entomology at the University of Kentucky. During her tenure at the UK, Dr. Eisbrenner studied Principles of Real Estate, Real Estate Law and Real Estate Marketing. After leaving her faculty position, Dr Eisbrenner started a pest control business in Lexington, KY which flourished during her ownership. The business consisted of two national franchise operations in three different markets (Lexington and Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH). In 2002, Dr. Eisbrenner refocused her career toward real estate investing. In 2004, Marijo became a National Real Estate Mentor and worked with thousands of clients in over 250 real estate markets in all fifty States from 2004 through 2017. Dr. Marijo has been a real estate mentor and trainer for Rich Dad Education, Tigrent Learning, Wealth Intelligence Academy, Personal Wealth Academy and Russ Whitney. She has also taught classes for Rich Dad Education, Independent Woman and Women in Wealth. While investing, Marijo gained experience and expertise in the areas of Tax Liens and Deeds and Deeds, Excess Proceeds (how to become a money finder and get paid!) as well as teaching several online courses. She has purchased tax liens in several States including Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Arizona and Florida. Dr. Marijo has expertise in many areas of real estate including investing in both residential properties and commercial properties.

Dr. Marijo and her husband Eric keep busy with their licensed assisted living facility in Coles County. Marijo serves as the Director of The Oaks Manor. Eric and Marijo have a second home in San Antonio Texas. Marijo raised her two sons in Lexington and her family has grown to include two daughters-in-law and three amazing grandchildren. She loves to travel, attend auctions and interview county officials regarding their delinquent tax procedures. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with clients and takes great pride in their successes.


968 County Road 1000 N.
Champaign, IL 61822
Office: 217-202-0924

Licensed Illinois Designated Managing Broker, MR. LANDMAN LLC, License #471.020503 • Licensed Indiana Managing Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #RB18000549 • Licensed Iowa Broker Officer, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #B68919000 • Licensed Alabama Qualifying Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #000134713-0 • Licensed South Carolina Broker in Charge, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #117228 • Licensed Georgia Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #403701 • Licensed Maine Designated Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #DB924033 • Licensed North Carolina Broker In Charge, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #325370 • Licensed Tennessee Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #358759 • Licensed Colorado Responsible Broker, MR. LANDMAN, License #100090363 • Licensed Florida Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #BK3489532 • Licensed Wisconsin Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #59034-90 • Licensed Missouri Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #2021009405 • Licensed Oklahoma Managing Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License#201422 • Licenses Arkansas Primary Broker, Mr. LANDMAN, LLC, License#PB00090772 • Licensed Kansas Supervising Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #00247140 • Licensed Louisiana Broker, License # 995709646 • Licensed North Dakota Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #10982 • Licensed Pennsylvania Broker, License #RM425074 • Licensed Minnesota Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #40783935 • Licensed South Dakota Broker, MR. LANDMAN, LLC, License #20262 • Nebraska LIC#20220411 • Licensed Illinois Auctioneer, License #441.000156 • Licensed Indiana Auctioneer, License #AU19500036